kathleen edwards

artist books

I love making books! Carrying on this traditional hands-on art in the age of cyberspace is deeply satisfying. The form provides an intimate enclosure in which to gather and contain. Turning the pages is a quiet and tactile experience through time, a small journey from here to there. And the art of altering existing books is fun and rich with possibility.

image 1: Death Book 3
2: Bird Book
3-5: Anything Goes
6: Hand Book
7: Fish Book
8-9: Save Your Tears
: Genesis
13-14: Insomnia
15-18: Second Thoughts Encyclopedia
19-20: The Alphabet Book
21-23: The Blood Years
24-26: The Complete Organ Recitalist
27-29: Death Books 1 & 2
30-31: Together; made from 6 religious texts
32: Mad Hat; made from 1932 Manual of Psychiatry
33-35: Whatever
36-37: Chakra Tree