kathleen edwards

"holy stars!"

"Holy Stars! Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints & Sages from Around the World!"

From Lao Tzu & Krishna to the Virgin of Guadalupe & Fatima, "Holy Stars!" provides essential information on 27 religious figures from the world’s wisdom traditions. All ages will appreciate the lively graphic format.

"This is a total winner. It's fun to read and beautifully done.... a 'must-read' for kids!"

"Inspiring.... it demystifies religions in a creative and humanistic manner. Easy read and fun."

"I can't imagine a better primer... that supports the imperative of co-existence among the religious and spiritual beliefs of the world."

Sentient Publications 2009 $12.95/Paperback/8x8/64 pgs.
ISBN 978-1-59181-080-3