kathleen edwards


Dreams and nature have inspired me to create believable illusions with paint, both for commercial clients and gallery exhibitions. All are gouache on paper. Yes, the brushes are tiny; no, I don’t use a magnifying glass (yet!).

"The two smallest paintings in the exhibition held me the longest… Tiny gouaches,…meticulously rendered, and with the most extraordinary background detail, beautifully painted in this semi-transparent medium.... I returned to these pictures several times. -- Pamela Forbes,
Commuter Times

"(Edwards') work is emblematic of the exhibition; a striking combination of craftsmanship and content." -- David Harris,
News Pointer

"Kathleen Edwards rejects traditional assumptions of her medium. (She) views her work as a 'kind of science'; the scale of her small delicately rendered...works on paper reflecting a rejection of our culture's insistence that 'bigger is better'. -- Barbara Morris, Artweek